Monday, May 23, 2016

A year in Belize and the start of slow season

Being in Belize for a little over a year (13 months actually) brings around a season that we have already experienced. The weather starts getting hotter and everything starts slowing down. Slowing down is a relative term since by all accounts anyone from the States would think that high season was slow already.

On our recent trip back to North Carolina showed how slow I had become used to. Landing in Atlanta at 5pm and renting a car was a pretty harsh wake up. Sitting in traffic on I-85 the reality that it was the first time in quite a while that not only was another car next to me but there were 8 cars wide pressing for position. Not being used to traffic jams, crowding, street lights or stop signs it took a little time to get back into the Detroit driver I had once been. Note to self: The 3 hour layover in Atlanta and flight to Charlotte may be worth doing instead of saving several hundred bucks per ticket and driving the 4 hours up.
From this...
To this in 5 hours. 

My sister ROCKS for storing this for us!
Before we even left Belize our trip to NC was planned out almost completely. Evening with old neighbors, partying with lake friends, A Jimmy Buffett tailgate, more friends and family... There was a list of different foods that were a must to have while back in the States including sushi, steak, and red wine. A few errands needed to be completed including picking up our mail and packages from my sisters as well as everyone's favorite, a trip to the DMV! Who doesn't want to spend a day at the DMV when they only are in town for a week? Not me. I wanted to spend TWO days there. Well, wanted may be an incorrect word to use there but with the expiration date in a month and not being able to do it online I got to spend quite a bit of time studying the psyche of people at the DMV.

Last year at this time it was obvious that many of the longtime residents left right after Easter but this year after making many friends down here it was more than just an observation. Constantly we are saying goodbye to friends. Some of which are only going to be gone for a couple weeks, some are gone for a couple of months and some do not know if/when they are returning. The village is getting pretty light in terms of people and the live aboard boats who's numbers were in the 40-50s during the winter months are now down to a dozen or so. The bars and restaurants are working on their off-season hours and days.

It seems as though everyone handles how they take care of their property differently. Currently we have a long term storage truck in our yard. The owner has given us the keys and permission to drive it if needed. Our neighbors have had someone move into their house so that their dogs and cats are fed. Some people lock up and close the shades. Lucky for us, friends with a pool have asked us to watch it for them. Yes, I think we can do that.

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