Sunday, June 5, 2016

The sand can get hot!

So the winds are down today. When the winds are down it usually means that Brodie can have a good day fishing on the shore. The internet went down almost as a sign that it was time to head over to the beach and so we went.

Now, the beach is at the end of our street and only about two blocks from the house. We set off strolling down the road as we always do. We cross the main street and keep heading on down when I start to realize that my feet are getting pretty hot. A little backstory, for many months now I have been a practicing barefoot. I say practicing because I soon learned that at noon on a bright sunny summer day you better be walking in shade. I quickly head under a palm where Brodie is leisurely sniffing the trunk. I then take a long look down the road to see where the next shade spot is. I start testing which section of the road, the soft sand, the hard sand, where rocks are at, to find the path of least resistance.

Of course the next tree is almost at the end of the road.

Then its a far expanse of sand before you get to the waters edge. Our street is "lucky" for having such a large expanse. In Placencia its one of the larger areas of sand. It looks much larger today. Like Sahara big.

We start to pick up the pace. I can tell that Brodie is having the same hot foot situation that I have and I can also tell that he knows that the water is our only salvation. By the time we hit the sand we are in a fast walk. Stopping one last time we both cooled our feet under a 6' palm. Now, almost in a sprint, we are likely the fastest people on the beach. We finally hit the water and almost instantly relief is felt.

We start up the waters edge when it hits me. We have to walk back the same way. Maybe we could call someone to come pick us up? Maybe there is a shorter way? Maybe we just stay out here until the sun goes down? All thoughts that went through my head. We are taking our time on this walk for sure. By the time we turn around and start making our way back the thought hits me. There are always random sandals  on the beach, maybe I can find 2! No such luck.

By the time we get back to our road I can tell the dog is dreading the walk home. We hang out for a while hoping for rain. Not a cloud in the sky. As I hook his leash on we have a silent conversation and off we go running towards the first shade tree. At the first shade tree we stop to give our feet a little relief. I turn to see the homeowner using a grinder to sharpen his machete. Not an unusual sight other than the fact that he is wearing a speedo. Possibly not the most advised gear to have metal bits thrown about. Ok, on to the next shade. As we get close though a van pulls directly into the spot. I mean, why wouldn't he? Its the shade spot! Hugging the edge of his van as we slowly walk past in the shade. The road looks so far but with a quick pace we make it and luckily no traffic to wait for.

Arriving home we run for shade. While hosing our feet down I take a mental note to probably go earlier or wait until later in the day next time. Cloudy days might do as well. Man, my feet hurt. I might just wear flip flops the rest of today...

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